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  1. Yellow fever: despite availability of a vaccine it poses a constant threat to several countries

    There is only one way to prepare!

    €0,00 donated of €60.000,00 goal
  2. Elephant herpesvirus: killing up to 90% of severely affected animals

    A deadly disease for elephants and a serious threat for survival of the species.

    €10,00 donated of €30.000,00 goal
  3. Chikungunya

    “Please”, “Help me”, I’m still in pain..the ugly truth about chronic chikungunya.

    €0,00 donated of €30.000,00 goal
  4. zika long-term effect on children that did not develop microcephaly

    Zika threatens more than just the unborn developing baby

    “Zika”, a threat to children, a threat to the economy.

    €5,00 donated of €60.000,00 goal
  5. Rabies treatment for “ALL”

    “IMAGINE”, a future where rabies is treatable.

    €815,00 donated of €60.000,00 goal
  6. Rabies vaccines and immunoglobulins: “Affordable” and accessible for the “POOR”

    “Affordable” and “accessible” interventions for the ‘POOR”

    €605,00 donated of €60.000,00 goal