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Rabies is the most deadly viral disease known today and 3 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD ARE AT RISK of contracting the disease. MORE THAN 60,000 PEOPLE DIE of rabies each year because they cannot get the care they need. That is equivalent to 1 person dying of rabies every 9 minutes or 160 people per day. Most of these deaths occurs in Africa and Asia, the poorest continents in the world, and nearly half of the victims are children under the age of 15. Many of these lives can be saved if bite victims and healthcare providers know what to do and have what they need —rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin. However, these life-saving therapeutics are way too expensive for these people, meaning that the majority dies.  


Rabies is the deadliest virus known to mankind. Some of the clinical manifestations of rabies include fear of water (hydrophobia) and air (aerophobia). The mechanism of disease (pathogenesis) for rabies encephalitis is not well understood. However, infection and its deadly consequences can be prevented with a vaccine. Once bitten by an infected dog, infection can still be prevented if non-vaccinated patients receive vaccination and anti-serum (immunoglubulins) within 48 hours. Unfortunately, both the vaccine and the immunoglobulin preparations are too expensive for the poor. With this project, Artemis One Health will work on the development of safe and affordable candidate vaccines and immunoglobulins against rabies.


 What is the context of this research?

Although rabies is 99,9% fatal, it is also 100% preventable IF VACCINES ARE USED. In order to protect the population at risk from an agonizing death there is a need for safe, potent and affordable vaccines that can be widely available in these areas. Rabies kills more than 60,000 people each year, mainly children in the developing countries. Many of these infections could have been prevented or many infected individuals could have been helped if vaccine and immunoglobulin preparations were available at an affordable price. However, the current platforms for the production of these agents are complex and expensive.


 What is the significance of this charity project?

Availability of affordable vaccines and immunoglobulins will save thousands of lives. Development of the platform for production of cheap and effective vaccines and immunoglobulins is also important if we want to produce these agents against other neglected diseases.


What are the goals?

  • Develop candidate vaccines and immunoglobulins that are more effective than the currently available ones.
  • Develop methodological and marketing strategies to produce cheap vaccines and immunoglobulins


Overview investment of the money

Request: Artemis One Health Research Foundation is  seeking up as much as €60.000 in funding for this charity project

Laboratory consumables   €48,300
Meetings (2,5%)      €1500
Maintanance equipment necessary for the project (2%)      €1200
Overhead (15%)      €9000
Total   €60,000


Use of Budget

Rabies disease results in an estimated $8.6 billion of economic losses annually, and the most cost-effective way to stop rabies is vaccination. The process leading to development of a safe and effective vaccine against rabies can be divided into four stages: 1) proof-of-concept-selection, 2) proof-of-concept-optimization, 3) preclinical evaluation, 4) clinical trials. Artemis is committed to finalize the first three stages of this process. We already successfully finished stage 1, where we developed an effective candidate vaccine that protects animals from deadly infection. This first vaccine was published recently in a scientific peer-reviewed journal (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24962755). THIS CAMPAIGN IS MEANT TO RAISE MONEY TO FINALIZE STAGE 2. Since this stage of the project is crucial in the fight against rabies, it represents a permanent line of our rabies research line. To ensure that this stage can be successfully done, we need approximately 60,000 euro. To be able to start this stage of the project, we need a minimum of 20,000 euro but since our goal is to successfully finalize this stage, the campaign will continue until the complete budget is obtained.

More of 80% of the budget will be used for the actual research, which is the further optimization of our first candidate vaccine against rabies. The vaccine is intended for those that need it the most, particularly children living in resource-poor countries. This part of the work includes producing several optimized versions of the candidate vaccines. The work consists of:

  • Produce and purify several versions of the rabies virus protein, and finding the most optimal version of the protein is the determinant of a successful vaccine.
  • Purchase and housing of mice to test the vaccine candidates. Clearly the best vaccine will be the one able to provide protection after only one shot of the vaccine.
  • Develop in vitro assays that allow future evaluation of the vaccine in animal-free systems.
  • Analysis of results and preparation for a second round of pre-clinical studies. Proper analysis of the results needs sophisticated tools such as laboratory associated immune correlates of protection, statistical analysis, and modeling.
  • The budget will also cover indirect costs that are crucial to perform the proposed work, which include maintenance of equipment relevant to execute the project, overhead, and meetings that are necessary to manage the project and discuss results and further steps forward. The work will start as soon as 30% of the requested funding is achieved. The duration of the stage 2 of the project is envisioned to be 4 years.

In order to show our commitment to the project we will contribute 10% of the budget from our own investment. To further ensure that we will raise minimum of 30% of the budget or the complete budget needed to finish stage 2, will invest all our time and energy to find extra support for our campaign from companies and philanthropists. If after two years from start of the campaign we do not manage to raise at least 20,000 euro, we will either use the money to support our second rabies campaign (Development of an anti-rabies treatment) or donate the collected money to the Sharon Live On Foundation (www.sharonliveon.org/), a foundation opened by the parents that tragically lost their daughter to rabies. They started this foundation to address the shortages of rabies vaccine in Kenya and to ensure that more Kenyans know about the dangers of rabies.

Our researchers will share the outcomes of the experiment directly with the backer who signed in for this particular newsletter. The outcomes of this project will be published in the form of peer-reviewed journal publication, open data sets, graduate theses, academic posters, and more.


Artemis One Health Research Foundation depends to a great extent on the support and generosity of donors for the success of our research projects. To guarantee that more than 80% of the donations go to research, we need another source of funding to cover the salary for a technician to do the work. For this specific project we are seeking support for one technician for the duration of 4 years. The costs for personnel are estimated at 43,940 euro per year. Note that such a technician can be used for max three of the project lines of Artemis. In the face of lack of support for personnel, we will cover the personnel costs from own investments. However, as a foundation relying on donations for specific programs, we will appreciate your generosity to help us cover the personnel cost of this project. Are you a strong believer in our mission and do you/your organization want to support us in this fight, please feel free to contact our head Research & Development, Dr. Byron Martina by email b.martina@artemisonehealth.com or office phone +31306355444.


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