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-Fundraising Officer-

Eurydice Martina

Fundraising Officer

Room number: 4.21

My work at Artemis:

First of all, I feel very blessed to be part of the “Artemis Team”, a “dynamic team”, characterized by talented and hard-working people who really care to understand diseases better and make a difference in the world by applying the “One Health” approach.

Artemis is engaged in designing better, affordable and effective treatment options for everyone including the poor. Giving access to effective and affordable treatments & vaccines is one of the most valuable, satisfying and powerful work that one can contribute with. The rewards of such work are immense as it delivers overall positive change thereby stimulating innovations and influencing health policies.

As the fundraising Officer of Artemis and having a biomedical background and degree,  I am involved in developing and implementing fundraising strategies as well as establishing additional sources of funding for our research projects. I also work close with the head Research & Development, to research potential funding opportunities for all our research projects.

In addition, I am the Creative Director, where I work with a group of Talented & Creative people, consisting of a webdesigner, a Film Producer, and a Business Intelligence Specialist.  As the Creative Director, I was and I am involved in every step and decision-making regarding our website design and all film production materials of our campaigns starting from campaign idea, storytelling, production design (creating the visual concept of our films), the end product, as well as managing our production budget.

One of my major focus is developing a trust based relationship with our supporters. At Artemis, we believe that together we are strong. So, it is my job to motivate and inspire our supporters to give to a good cause by outlining our results in a way that they understand how they have helped us come a little bit closer in understanding infectious diseases by focusing on the “One Health” approach.

Furthermore, I am the head of Capital Management of Curacao Biomedical & Health Research Institute (CBHRI), Curacao, Dutch Caribbean. And I am a freelancer where I help other institutions in product design and development of campaigns & designing of  crowdfunding platform.


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View Eurydice Martina's professional profile on LinkedIn