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-PhD Student-

Eveline Gouw, MSc

PhD Student

Room number: 4.21


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My work at Artemis:

I am a PhD student at Artemis. My main focus is understanding the influence of vaccination and infection on the glycosylation pattern of antibodies. I work on the development of different functional assays to support my research, am involved in other ongoing projects and I assist my colleagues when needed.

Research interests: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Microbiology

Since I was little I had an interest in the biology of infection, though, my understanding at that point was not so profound. During my studies my understanding broadened, and my interest in infection and immunity grew. I am keen to understand the molecular and regulatory mechanism behind infection, disease and pathogen clearance. Also, structural biology, mainly with the focus on post-translational modifications and how alterations of molecular structures affect their function, have had my interest for quite some time now.

My views on “One Health”

During my studies it really came to my understanding how important it is for different disciplines to work together in achieving a similar goal. The same goes for our research; when we study a new emerging virus, we not only look at what its effect is in humans, but also look into the pathogenesis and transmission from the animal vector. If you want healthy people, you need healthy animals and a healthy environment. These systems all fit together; if one goes down, the others go down with it. Therefore, you need to study it as one system, as One Health.