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-Operation Officer/Senior technician-

Jeroen Roose, Bsc

Operation Officer/Senior technician

Room number: 4.21


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My work at Artemis:

Initially, I am responsible for the functioning of the operational part of the research foundation and be the first point of contact for all technical and organizational matters. Furthermore, I focus on the technical aspect of the development of new technologies and provide the people in the lab with both scientific and technical support.

Research interest: Molecular Biology, Pathogenesis, and Intervention Strategies

My interest in viruses dates back to a time when I was still working on completely different things. And to this day I am fascinated in studying the pathogenesis and molecular biology of zoonotic viruses. The advent of new technologies has ensured that the sensitivity and detection capability and biological processes of these viruses has increased. Given my molecular biological background, I am primarily interested in how viruses operate on the smallest functional level and how to unravel ‘the secrets’ of the virus.

My views on “One Health”

One Health means to me that with joint efforts of multiple disciplines, both locally and globally, optimal health for people, animals, plants and the environment can be obtained. In the context of emerging zoonoses from wildlife, the collaboration between human and veterinary medicine is of great importance. Our mission is to study diseases that affect both humans and animals. This integration of human and veterinary medicine is what fascinates me and the fact that interaction between humans and animals usually affects the ability of viruses to emerge and re-emerge. Understanding the factors that influence emergence of viruses and their pathogenicity is the focus of Artemis One Health. Acquiring a better insight into the pathogenesis of viral infections will allow us to work on rational design of intervention strategies. I am happy to be able to contribute to this goal.

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View Jeroen Roose's professional profile on LinkedIn