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-Aquisition Manager/ Research scientist-

Dr. Leslie Reperant

Aquisition Manager/ Research scientist

Room number: 4.21


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My work at Artemis:

I am involved in the IMI-funded project FLUCOP, for the development of novel analytical approaches to population-based evaluation of influenza vaccine effectiveness. I also apply and develop novel theoretical approaches to emerging disease detection and outbreak response as part of the EU H2020-funded project COMPARE.

In addition, I overview the scientific reporting of Artemis project portfolio and coordinate the scientific reporting of the IMI-funded project ZAPI. I assist in the development of new project proposals and grant acquisition.

Research interest: Disease Ecology, Evolutionary Epidemiology, and Pathogenesis

I am keenly interested in the ecology of emerging diseases and zoonoses at the human-animal interface; in the dynamics of infectious diseases in wildlife populations, particularly multi-host and multi-strain pathogens; and in pathogen evolutionary dynamics, in light of their (within-host) pathogenesis. My line of research combines the development of theoretical understanding of mechanisms of evolution and pathogenesis informed by clinical and experimental data.

My views on “One Health”

The One Health approach to me encompasses the search for a comprehensive understanding of the ecological and evolutionary aspects that drive the life history of infectious pathogens and parasites, viewing plant, animal and human hosts and their flora as a global community interacting along the entire range of spatial and temporal scales, from within-host cells to local habitats to continental ecosystems, and from evolutionary times to present globalization era.




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View Leslie Reperant's professional profile on LinkedIn