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-Valorisation Officer-

Linda van de Burgwal, Msc

Valorisation Officer

Room number: O270


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My work at Artemis:

I am involved in the dissemination and exploitation paragraphs of several EC-funded projects within Artemis, such as ASKLEPIOS and FLUNIVAC. Furthermore, I am a member of the board of the Artemis One Health Research Foundation and as such a member of the management team.

Research interest: Innovation, Societal impact of Knowledge, Growth

I am interested in understanding ways to increase the societal impact of knowledge from the health and life sciences. To this purpose I study specific innovations (e.g. rabies, Ebola, influenza) by developing and applying methodologies tailored to different value steps (societal impact value cycle, innovation barriers, market landscaping, unmet needs assessment, etc.). Moreover, my mission is to apply these tools in order to improve innovation performance and ensure growth.

My views on “One Health”

I have always been motivated by understanding ‘how things work’. Starting my studies, I was eager to learn how diseases ‘worked’ in the human body. Later on I wanted to explore how new inventions could be transformed into innovations that positively impact society. Still later, my interest has once again broadened, understanding that to really counter infectious diseases we should not only learn how they cause disease in the human body, or how we can transform inventions into innovations, but we must collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to come to a comprehensive approach. This means collaborating between different disciplines as well as between different domains, such as academia, SMEs, pharmaceutical companies, governments and societal stakeholders. At Artemis, collaboration is in our DNA which makes me proud to be part of the Artemis team.

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View Linda van de Burgwal's professional profile on LinkedIn