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Having a closer look at the emergence of new viral diseases in the past century made it clear that human and animal health are intimately connected. The majority of new viruses that have emerged in the last three decades as human pathogens originated from the animal world. If we want to get a broader understanding of emerging infectious diseases, it is necessary to have a collaborative, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach operating at the animal-human-ecosystem interface.

Our vision is to become a world-leading institute in One Health research. In a short amount of time Artemis One Health Research obtained excellent research results as evidenced by the list of publications, which includes many papers in high-impact journals. Artemis is involved in important societal issues and much of the research agenda is inspired by societal needs.

Artemis is engaged in world-class collaborative research dedicated to finding cures for viral diseases, improving quality of life, educating and training the next-generation of scientists, and thus creating a legacy for its employees, partners, donors, and community. Many of the viral diseases investigated by Artemis One Health are neglected and they pose a particular problem in Third World countries. For some diseases like rabies, a vaccine exists, but the poor cannot afford this vaccine. Knowing that a large proportion of the population in developing countries lives on less than $1 or $2 per day and most people own few productive assets, it is understandable that most people cannot afford vaccination, but rather spend a large proportion of their income on food. Artemis One Health is committed to developing safe, effective, and affordable vaccines against neglected viral diseases.

I am deeply grateful to our dynamic staff members and employees who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of humans and animals. These remarkable individuals offer direction to the institute, guided by our slogan: we act to confirm our reason for being, which is spelled on in our name. With that passion, we will continue to work with our partners and stakeholders to sustain and enhance the impact of our research programs. We have much to be proud of and we will continue to build on this solid foundation to raise achievements in the coming years.

Byron Martina, Head Research & Development of Artemis One Health Foundation