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Dr. Penelope Koraka


Room number: 0271


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My work at Artemis:

I am one of the Principle Investigators of the EU-funded project ASKLEPIOS, which aims to identify therapeutic molecules for rabies encephalitis.

Research interest: Pathogenesis of arboviral diseases.

Since the beginning of my career, I have worked with many diverse viruses causing disease to humans and animals transmitted by insect vectors. This very diverse group of viruses has been fascinating since the diseases that they cause are very similar in nature, however the mechanisms that govern their pathogenesis are (when know) very diverse. In the more recent years, I studied more extensively viruses that cause neurological diseases. The main focus of my studies is to unravel the interactions between virus and host, and identify ways to intervene with pathogenic pathways of the host triggered by the virus.

My views on “One Health”

For me the concept of One Health is to bring together human and veterinary medicine and environmental sciences to improve human and animal health. Viruses, especially zoonotic viral infections, have long been considered neglected pathogens, despite the high impact and risk they pose to public health. I believe that research should be focused also on these neglected pathogens in order to understand the mechanisms that they cause disease and implement the appropriate prevention and intervention strategies.

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