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Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of recombinant Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara candidate vaccines delivering West Nile virus envelope antigens

2016, Issue: (34) 16, Pages: 1915-1925
Authors: Asisa Volz, Stephanie Lim, Martina Kaserer, Anna Lülf, Lisa Marr, Sylvia Jany, Cornelia A. Deeg, Gorben P. Pijlman, Penelope Koraka, Albert D.M.E. Osterhaus, Byron E. MartinaGerd Sutter

The pathogenesis of chronic chikungunya: evolving concepts

2016, Issue: 11.1, Pages: 61-77
Authors: Roosenhoff, R.,  Anfasa, F., and Martina, B.E.E


Differential Expression of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Receptor in the Upper Respiratory Tracts of Humans and Dromedary Camels

2016, Issue: 90(9), Pages: 4838-42
Authors: Widagdo, W., Raj, V. S., Schipper, D., Kolijn, K., van Leenders, G. J. L. H., Bosch, B. J., Bensaid, A., Segalés, J., Baumgärtner, W., Osterhaus, A. D. M. E., Koopmans, M. P., van den Brand, J. M. A., Haagmans, B. L.


Spatiotemporal Analysis of the Genetic Diversity of Seal Influenza A(H10N7) Virus, Northwestern Europe

2016, Issue: 90(9), Pages: 4269-77
Authors: Bodewes, R., Zohari, S., Krog, J. S., Hall, M. D., Harder, T., C., Bestebroer, T. M., van de Bildt, M. W. G., Spronken, M. I., E. Larsen, L. E., Siebert, U., Wohlseing, P., Puff, C., Seehusen, F., Baumgärtner, W., Härkönen, T., Smits, S. L., Herfst, S., Osterhaus, A. D. M. E., Fouchier, R. A. M., Koopmans, M. P., Kuiken, T.


Vaccination Is More Effective Than Prophylactic Oseltamivir in Preventing CNS Invasion by H5N1 Virus via the Olfactory Nerve

2016, Issue: 214(4), Pages: 516-24
Authors: Siegers, J. Y., van den Brand, J. M., Leijten, L. M., de Bildt, M. W. G., van Run, P. R., van Amerongen, G., Stittelaar, K. J., Koopmans, M. P., Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus, A. D., M. E., Kuiken, T. and van Riel, D


Differential Recognition of Influenza A Viruses by M158–66 Epitope-Specific CD8+ T Cells Is Determined by Extraepitopic Amino Acid Residues

2016, Issue: 90(2), Pages: 1009-22
Authors: van de Sandt, C. E., Kreijtz, J. H. C. M., Geelhoed-Miera, M. M., Nieuwkoop, N. J., Spronken, M. I., van de Vijver, D. A. M. C., Fouchier, R. A. M., Osterhaus A. D. M. E., and Rimmelzwaan, G. F.


An orthopoxvirus-based vaccine reduces virus excretion after MERS-CoV infection in dromedary camels

2016, Issue: 351(6268), Pages: 77-81
Authors: Haagmans, B. L., J. M. van den Brand, V. S. Raj, A. Volz, P. Wohlsein, S. L. Smits, D. Schipper, T. M. Bestebroer, N. Okba, R. Fux, A. Bensaid, D. Solanes Foz, T. Kuiken, W. Baumgartner, J. Segales, G. Sutter and A. D. Osterhaus


Newly identified viruses in human gastroenteritis: Pathogens or not?

2016, Issue: 35(1), Pages: 104-7
Authors: Smits, S. L., A. D. Osterhaus and M. P. Koopmans