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 Project, development EEHV vaccine


Elephant herpesvirus

The elephant is one of the best recognized and beloved animals and the African and Asian species are listed by the World Conservation Union as critically endangered. They can therefore no longer be removed from wild habitats for human benefit. The high mortality rates associated with EEHV infections in captive and wild elephants and the threat they pose to the continuation and success of captive breeding programs for the highly endangered Asian elephant in both North America and Europe, makes the development of a safe and effective vaccine a high priority. Development of an effective vaccine will have a great impact on the health of captive elephants, safe geographic translocations and successful continuation of breeding programs.
Artemis One Health aims at developing a candidate EEHV vaccine based on recombinant Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara viruses (rMVA) encoding the glycoprotein B of EEHV-1A. Furthermore, Artemis One Health is involved in the development of serological assays that can be used to evaluate the immunogenicity of the developed vaccines.


Status: Ongoing…


Elephant Tag, Zoological Society of London



Artemis One Health (NL)

Veterinary University Utrecht (NL)

Rotterdam Zoo (NL)

Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency (UK)

Erasmus Medical Center (NL)

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