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( brings together a group of eight public and private institutions from four different European member states (the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Sweden) that combined have the required expertise necessary to achieve its ambitious goals. Bringing these experts together in the FLUNIVAC consortium results in a strong symbiosis towards universal influenza vaccine development from ‘lab bench’ to ‘bedside’.
Artemis One Health is involved in the evaluation of induction of broad protective immune responses of vaccine candidates, and in the assessment of the longevity of induced protective immunity. Both broad-reactive antibody (B-cell) and T-cell responses need to be induced to provide longer-lasting and broader protection against multiple strains of influenza virus. FLUNIVAC, therefore, aims at developing a candidate influenza vaccine based on recombinant Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara viruses (rMVA) encoding both B-cell and T- cell response-inducing proteins, ready to commence Phase I clinical trials. We focus on influenza A virus since it is the most pathogenic variant to humans and comprimises all manifestations of human influenza: zoonotic, seasonal and pandemic avian infuenza viruses



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FLUNIVAC (602604) is an SME-targeted collaborative research project funded by the EU FP7 program HEALTH.2013.2.3.0-1 – Innovation in vaccines FP7-HEALTH-2013-INNOVATION-1.



Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam (NL)

Artemis One Health Research BV (NL)

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen (DE)

Aimm Therapeutics BV (NL)

Probiogen AG (DE)


Isconova AB (SE)

Q-Biologicals NV (BE)

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