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A universal influenza vaccine is one of the largest unmet medical needs. Yearly 250,000 to 500,000 people die from seasonal influenza, and on average 3 to 5 million hospitalizations occur each year. Immunocompromised individuals, infants and the elderly constitute the main risk groups, with 90% of deaths occurring in the latter group. Furthermore, there is a permanent threat of a new pandemic caused by novel influenza viruses that may emerge from birds or pigs. The four influenza pandemics of the last century have caused more than 50 million deaths.

FLUNIVAC is expected to result in a universal influenza vaccine candidate that provides broad-protective and long-lasting immunity to different subtypes of influenza viruses, that is ready to commence Phase I clinical trials. Even though FLUNIVAC concerns research in the pre-clinical phase of influenza vaccine development, FLUNIVAC recognizes the importance of an adequate and appropriate strategy for the exploitation of the results of the FLUNIVAC project, which is important for the further development of the vaccine candidate beyond the FLUNIVAC project. Artemis is currently involved in developing a route-to-market analysis and drafting a business plan in order to ensure successful exploitation of these results.

Studies underlying this business plan have been published in the following journals:


Ramezanpour, B., Kamphuis, P., & Claassen, E. (2016). A Key Opinion Leaders Analysis of the Critical Success Factors for the Market Potential of Genetically Modified Vaccines. International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, 5(4), 5111-5123. doi:10.15680/IJIRSET.2016.0504101

Ramezanpour, B., Pronker, E. S., Kreijtz, J. H., Osterhaus, A. D., & Claassen, E. (2015). Market implementation of the MVA platform for pre-pandemic and pandemic influenza vaccines: A quantitative key opinion leader analysisVaccine, 33(35), 4349-4358.

Ramezanpour, B., Riemens, T., Van de Burgwal, L., & Claassen, E. (2015). An interdisciplinary analysis of genetically modified vaccines: from clinical trials to market. International Journal of Clinical Trials, 2(4), 64-74. doi:10.18203/2349-3259.ijct20151235

Status: Ongoing…


FLUNIVAC (602604) is an SME-targeted collaborative research project funded by the EU FP7 program HEALTH.2013.2.3.0-1 – Innovation in vaccines FP7-HEALTH-2013-INNOVATION-1.

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