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Yellow fever

New platform for Yellow fever vaccine (NePYVac)

Yellow fever virus has the potential to cause big (urban) epidemics as exemplified by the situation before 1950s. However, the majority of the reported outbreaks to date are mainly seen in Africa and South America and have a forest (sylvatic) origin. Epidemic yellow fever in the Americas was successfully controlled in the mid-20th century through mass vaccination and vector reduction programmes. There is an effective vaccine against yellow fever, but in cases of big epidemics there is not enough vaccines. In addition, the health system in many regions where urban yellow fever could be (re)established is ill-equipped to control such a disease in an epidemic form and there is an urgent need for more vaccines as part of an effective preparedness plan. The combination of sustained introduction of viremic yellow fever travellers, a conducive ecology for local transmission, and an unimmunised population raises the possibility of yellow fever emergence in the Americas. Given the closely shared disease ecology with dengue virus and the endemic nature of dengue in many countries, the emergence of urban yellow fever remains a threat in the America, Asia, and Africa. The results of this project are crucial to help the world preparing for the threat of yellow fever outbreaks.

The main goals of NePYVac are:

  • Develop candidate vaccines that are suitable for large-scale production
  • Perform pre-clinical studies with the most promising candidate vaccines
  • Develop standardized assays to evaluate immunogenicity and efficacy of candidate yellow fever vaccines

Status: Ongoing…


The NePYVac project is supported through own investments and joint activities without financial commitment.



Artemis One Health Research Institute (NL)

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen (DE)

Protein Science (USA)

Utrecht University (NL)

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