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Consequence of Zika virus infection on development of epilepsy (CONZIE)

Zika virus was recently declared a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) by the World Health Organization (WHO). The emergence of Zika in the Americas has been associated with severe complications such as microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS). Even though several studies have confirmed that Zika virus infection during pregnancy can lead to microcephaly in newborns, not all children born from pregnant mothers infected with Zika virus develop this condition. Instead, it is possible that in the long term other neurological complications may arise, such as epilepsy, as this condition has been seen in both mice and children infected with neurotropic viruses, like herpes simplex virus. As a result, this project aims at understanding the long-term effects in children born from mothers infected with Zika virus during pregnancy but that did not develop microcephaly.

This will be achieved by:

  • Following a prospective cohort in the Dutch Caribbean and determining the long-term consequences of pre-natal and neonatal Zika virus infection.
  • Studying the effect of Zika virus infection of the brain on the development of epilepsy in a mouse model.

The aim of this project is:

  • To understand the role of non-complicated Zika virus infection in development of epilepsy in in-vitro and in vivo models
  • Understand the role of non-complicated Zika virus infection of development of cognitive and epileptic disorders


Status: Ongoing…


CONZIE project is supported through own investment and joint activities without financial commitments.



Artemis One Health Research Foundation (NL)

Research Center for Emerging Infections and Zoonoses (DE)

Curacao Biomedical & Health Research Institute (Cur)


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