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-Lab Technician-

Susan Fekken, Bsc

Lab technician

Room number: 0271


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My work at Artemis:

For the ZAPI project (Zoonoses Anticipation and Preparedness Initiative) I am setting up an ELISA for the glycoprofiling of antibodies in order to find a correlation between certain glycosylation patterns and the prediction of disease outcome. Also this may constitute an important tool to investigate immunogenicity of vaccines.

Further I am involved in the investigation of a universal platform for the antigenic characterization of pathogens and the sign and surge production of vaccines and neutralizing reagents against emerging pathogens, in particular viruses.

Also I am involved in other ongoing projects, and try to be of assistance in the lab.

Research interests: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Microbiology

Already with my internship at the department of Medical Microbiology-Molecular Virology at the University Medical Centre of Groningen 16 years ago I knew that especially medical biology with its treatment of infectious diseases and vaccine development was really fascinating! Next to finding a cure to diseases I am also interested in the fundamental research in biology that comes with it.

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View Susan Fekken's professional profile on LinkedIn
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